It’s For Everyone!


Bird Burroughs Audubon offers guided field trips, general meetings (that include special programs/speakers), and bird walks.  Burroughs Audubon also offers citizen science activities such as bird banding and the Great Backyard and Christmas Bird Counts. Best of all, almost all it offers is FREE of cost and is for all ages to enjoy, even if you’re not a member!  Burroughs Audubon has a nature center and bird sanctuary located at Lake Jacomo in Fleming Park with a very large natural history library that is free, onsite, for all to use for research, reading, and enjoyment. 


Witness the banding of birds and take part in releasing them back to the wild!

Bonnie the Biologist:  
If it lives or breathes, Bonnie will tell you all about it during her special programs at Burroughs Audubon’s Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary.

Field Trips:  
Join an experienced birder on a guided bird hike and they open up the world of birding to you by showing you birds you’ve never seen or to check birds off your yearly bird list.

General Meetings:  
A monthly meeting includes a refreshments, announcements, special program, and the opportunity to talk to other birders in the general Kansas City area.

Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary:  
The Burroughs Audubon Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary has so much to offer for everyone of all ages including bird nests, natural history library, bird seed and gift shop, and viewing rooms.  

National Audubon:  
Learn about National Audubon and all the work they are doing nationally and internationally. Once a member of National Audubon, you are automatically a member of Burroughs Audubon.

Wings Over Weston:  
Learn about Missouri’s largest birding festival with a unique mission – introducing birds, migration, and the importance of conservation of habitat to children, the birders of tomorrow.