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Burroughs Audubon Helps Save Native Grassland

Photo by Linda Williams

Photo by Linda Williams

Native, remnant prairie is the least conserved, most endangered ecosystem on the planet.  We have less than 1% left of the vast grassland that covered a large portion of North America. This grassland is important for many species including grassland birds. 

Snowball Hill is a diverse prairie on a hillside near Harrisonville in Cass County.  The topography allows for a variety of soil depth and moisture, adding to the diversity of plants that grow on the approximately 24 acre remnant. 

When  Burroughs heard Snowball Hill was going to auction the board wanted to do everything possible to save and preserve this ecological gem so near Kansas City.  The Platte Land Trust, with the support of the Missouri Prairie Foundation, put into motion a plan to purchase the property.  Burroughs stepped up to the plate with a large donation that was used as part of the funds used to place the winning bid the day of the auction.

Many will argue the only true biodiversity left is found in our remnant, native communities.  Burroughs knew an unplowed prairie can only be saved once.  We are very grateful to the efforts of the Platte Land Trust and the Missouri Prairie Foundation.  Burroughs is honored to be a partner in such an important conservation acquisition.