About Us

Welcome to the Burroughs Audubon, the greater Kansas City chapter of the National Audubon Society.  Burroughs Audubon was formed as a birding club in 1919 and became a chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1971. Burroughs Audubon is the greater Kansas City chapter of the National Audubon Society and promotes the appreciation of birds, nature, natural history, education, and the conservation of habitat. Burroughs Audubon caters to the true meaning of outreach as it attempts to provide services beyond conventional limits.

Burroughs Audubon offers guided field trips, general meetings (that include special programs/speakers), and bird walks.  Burroughs Audubon also offers citizen science activities such as bird banding and the Great Backyard and Christmas Bird Counts. Best of all, almost all it offers is FREE of cost and is for all ages to enjoy, even if you’re not a member!  Burroughs Audubon has a nature center and bird sanctuary located at Lake Jacomo in Fleming Park with a very large natural history library that is free, onsite, for all to use for research, reading, and enjoyment. 

When you join National Audubon, you are automatically considered a member of Burroughs Audubon.  We receive financial support from National Audubon based on its membership, but it also appreciative of the the generosity of its local friends through their donations, gifts, and volunteer hours.  Each year, an annual dinner serves as a fundraiser that is open to non-members and usually hosted in in April.

Burroughs Audubon has a board of directors, committee chairs, and members who work hard to provide all these things for you.  Join us We have so much to offer.  We hope you will get to know us and join us.