Burroughs Audubon is so grateful to our partners! They are the reason we’re the successful organization that we are. Our partners have supported us in the effort to stop the Mill Creek Wind Farm on the doorstep of Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge. They have helped us fund three native plantings and five bird feeding stations at 8 Kansas City area schools. They have partnered with us for grants, partnered with us to bring in special speakers on prairie ecosystems and preserving biodiversity, sponsored native plant sales, and have contributed to purchasing and preserving one of the most diverse remaining remnant prairies in the Kansas City area. They have supported Wings Over Weston which introduces birds, migration, and the importance of conserving habitat to children – the birders of tomorrow. They have performed multiple citizen science activities and special programs at our nature center and bird sanctuary. Our partners are the backbone of who we are – promoting the appreciation of birds, enjoyment of nature, natural history education, and conservation of habitat. We thank you!

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