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  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin


    * Removed rendered content cache introduced in 2.1.1


    * Added translations for 16 additional languages
    * Modified strings to improve translatability.
    * Row and Widget style measurement fields now allow multiple values.
    * New rows now added below row of currently selected cell.
    * Orphaned widgets in edited rows are now moved into remaining cell.
    * Made panels javascript object globally accessible.
    * panels_info array now passed into widget rendering function.
    * Removed unnecessary action triggers from customizer that was breaking some themes.
    * Disabling Page Builder on a page now properly creates history entry.
    * Small fixes to sidebars emulator.
    * Fixed import/export on custom home page interface.
    * Removed call to filter_input from global space.
    * Fixed bundled widgets conflict with Yoast SEO.
    * Prevented double rendering issue with Yoast SEO.


    * Improved Page Builder settings page.
    * Added sidebar emulation, which makes a Page Builder page appear to be a sidebar. Improves compatibility with other widgets.
    * Removed jPlayer. Self hosted widget (legacy) now uses MediaElement.
    * Small usability improvements.
    * Added legacy widget migration for gallery widget.
    * Layout file based import/export feature.
    * Added widget title setting to change widget title HTML.
    * Added setting to control full width container.
    * Fixed: Handling of namespaced widgets.
    * Fixed: Layout Builder widget now works in the Customizer.
    * Fixed: Custom home page interface now properly uses page_on_front.
    * Fixed: Page URL for home page in custom home page.
    * Fixed: Custom home page encoding.


    * Fixed issue that prevented prebuilt layouts from showing up.


    * Added nonce to all admin requests.
    * Fixed live editor for missing widgets.
    * Fixed handling of multi-line row/widget custom CSS.
    * Fixed issue with encoding of panels_data.


    * Added proper escaping in widget form.


    * Changed how data is json encoded to prevent malformed Page Builder data.
    * Fixed import/export.
    * Added layout widget notification (doesn't work in customizer).
    * Fixed translation domains.
    * Additional hooks and filters.


    * Fixed issue with double calling sidebar_admin_setup that was breaking some widgets.
    * Fixed fetching content from TinyMCE in text mode.


    * Fixed fatal error in validation for PHP < 5.5


    * Fixed issue with preview causing content loss in standard editor.
    * Fixed issue with Black Studio TinyMCE
    * Changed templating tags in js-templates.php to prevent fatal errors with some server configurations.


    * Complete rewrite of Page Builder Javascript using Backbone.
    * Complete UI redesign.
    * Grid Engine rewrite for more efficient CSS.
    * Various performance enhancements and bug fixes.