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Burroughs Audubon elected a new board of directors at its general meeting in May 2016.  They are:

Linda Williams, President

Alan Myers, Treasurer

Amy Peterson, Secretary

New Directors include Kathy Carroll, and Jim Walton who join returning directors Mary Nemecek, Pat St. John, and Frank Varon.  We extend our thanks to Heather Elwing-Dixon, Malcolm Gold, Marcia Hawk, Christine Kline, Octavio Lorenzo, Karen Smith, and Jeff Wayman for previously serving.


Burroughs committee chairs are:

Communications ~ 

Conservation ~ Mary Nemecek

Education ~ Karen Smith & Jill DeWitt

Field Trips ~ Malcolm Gold & Mike Stoakes

IBA / Wings Over Weston ~ Christine Kline

Nature Center & Bird Sanctuary ~ Karen Smith

Programs ~ 


To contact us, send an email to: for general inquiries and questions for anything regarding conservation matters for accounting questions for anything regarding our website, newsletters, BurroughsAnnounce, emails, or news releases for anything regarding our important bird area or Wings Over Weston, our children’s birding festival